This blog is dedicated to things that really matter: pop culturish things, humor, and corgis. I will talk about things that I like and sometimes things that I don’t. I am opinionated, but I promise not to be mean.

Things I love and I will probably am likely to reference:
Parks and Recreation
The office
TV shows and movies
Music and musicians
The outdoors
Courtesy and kindness of others
Jimmy Fallon
Viral youtube videos (have you seen the youtube? It’s cool)
Made up words
Human Dignity

Things that I do not love and will not reference or tolerate:
Crude humor
Politics — I believe in being informed and I definitely have opinions, but I do not believe the internet is a good place to discuss or argue because most internet relationships are not real relationships, and most discussions or arguments do not need to be publicized everywhere.
Bullying — I think people tend to be very “brave” (more like vicious) on the internet because it’s not face to face interaction. It’s important to remind yourself that words have power, and you’re talking to real people, even when you start by posting something on your computer screen. Also realize that it is totally possible to disagree with someone in a way that is kind and honoring to them and their background.

Other things you need to know
I believe in affirming truth and good things when I see them, but I do not believe the best and kindest thing to do is always affirm someone’s behavior if it is bad. There are people and trends that I may talk about, and that I do not agree with (like the Kardashians), but  that does not mean I hate any of them. People aren’t perfect and our trends and artwork reflect that, yet everyone has something good to offer. In fact, there are a lot of people that I really respect for their talent, but simultaneously find myself frustrated with the poor examples they set, and I will probably call them out on both of those things.

Lastly, I believe that every person matters, and whether they be annoying or very pleasant, I want to treat them with respect. I want to build people up to be better, and it is awful to think that a careless and hurtful word could ruin someones day or damage their self worth. You never know where another person is coming from, so please be respectful, and ask questions to see from another’s perspective.


Gossip Girl



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