Donald Trump's face photoshopped onto President Snow's

Hunger games presidential candidates

In light of what might be the craziest line up of presidential candidates we have ever had, I thought I would highlight their craziness and the unifying frustration most of us feel via a Hunger Games photoshop project. Enjoy! Or maybe just cry about how much the shoes fit.

All original images are included as ‘before’ shots

Trump as President Snowpresident snow photoDonald Trump's face photoshopped onto President Snow's

Hilary as Alma CoinAlma Coin photoHilary Clinton Photoshopped as onto Alma CoinP.S. As I was looking for images, these were the real search options that came just from typing Alma Coin’s name! Take a look at the third option. I thought it was pretty funny. There is nothing new under the sun. Someone has already made these comparisons.Alma Coin search auto complete options

And lastly, we have Gary Johnson as Haymitch
Haymitch photoGary Johnson's face photoshopped onto Haymitch



Frozen coloring pages for 2016


I’m going to say something that may offend many of you — I don’t really love the movie frozen. I don’t hate it, but I don’t share the sentiment that it’s the greatest fairytale disney movie ever made like the rest of the world. I went to see it and thought well it was good, but I never understood the hype. I have some issues with the quality of the story in that the troll’s magic seems annoyingly picky when it comes to problem solving, and also the trolls are just random. I also find the younger sister just a bit unintelligent and well… boring. She seems to be the central character, but I’d was way more interested with the Elsa from the get go. We have the naive, oblivious, perfect, free spirited (just a word careless people use to describe themselves) sister, vs. the broken, introverted, angry, lonely, snow sculpting artist sister. Who you gonna pick? I’m going with number two. The quality of the animation was obviously incredible, like we have come to expect from disney, but my overall, something just felt boring to me. I was talking to a friend about Frozen a few weeks ago, and she hit the nail on the head. She said the two main characters looked like barbies. I think that is what felt boring to me. I think what is incredible about animation is that it gives us the chance to celebrate what is unique and quirky about how we’re put together. Animation can exaggerate our shapes in a way that compliments the story and doesn’t make imperfections look bad, and I just felt that was missing from this movie. I know mothers everywhere were sending disney thank you cards for having sisterly love save the day instead of the man this time, but part of me was a little sad still that the female characters were so culturally idillic physically. I wish the characters had been a bit more visually quirky and funny even. I think it bothers me even more because Kristoff is more quirky and interesting (and less idillic) and there was a lot more play design wise with Olaf Sven, but when it came to the two main gals, they had to be perfect. They did a better job doing a quirky heroine in tangled (but that’s another story). So anyways, that’s my small feminist rant. It really doesn’t bother me that much, I just thought I’d say it though. The music is still exceptional, and it’s still a good movie, but like I said, it’s not the disney movie title I’m going to shout from the mountain tops. So in my anti-infatuation-with-frozen spirit, I remade these frozen coloring pages with some cynicism. Sorry if they make you cry — Hopefully you’ll laugh. If you would like these coloring pages for yourself, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll send you a pdf.

Why corgis are the best dogs

Corgis are the best, and here are the reasons why

They are the only dogs (and animals) that look like foxes, baby bears, bunnies, and seals throughout their various stages of life. Beyond that, they are cuddly, playful, good with kids, smart, and expressive.

Finally, what other dog sleeps like they do and has a cute butt to boot?! Best dogs in the world. See evidence below.






 I rest my case.